Power Sector Master Plan – Final Report

With the goal of identifying the priorities, time frame and costs associated with power sector development goals, the present report includes the results of work performed for development of Power Sector Master Plan and includes also the comments received from the Ministry, DABS and the Donors. Furthermore the report is aimed to be and it forms the basis for discussion during presentation to the Ministry of Energy and Water in April 2013.


To develop the Power Sector Master Plan, the review of the existing planning documents were carried out and a set of supply options and major transmission projects needed for covering the Afghan demand were identified. Environmental impact and the social safeguard implications of the major generation and transmission project were discussed and an optimized expansion plan was conducted to cover the demand growth expected for Afghanistan.


The document recommends carrying out the feasibility studies or update the feasibility studies for several projects, which have been included in the investment plan, in order to have a more detailed picture on the own generation resources in Afghanistan. In general, an update of Power Sector Master Plan has to be carried out on regular basis every three to five years. Input data for demand forecast and the power sector master plan are subject to continuous change and an update will be required to take into account the future development.

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