Groundwater in International Law: Compilation of Treaties and Other Legal Instruments

This publication contains a variety of international legal instruments on groundwater resources, both transboundary and domestic. The extent to which each instrument covers groundwater varies; some deal exclusively with this resource whereas others contain merely a passing reference to the subject.


Arranged in chronological order, except bilateral treaties, this collection covers all international agreements, which deal exclusively with groundwater resources and treaties, which include provisions on groundwater within the larger scope of each instrument. These are set out according to their geographic scope from global to multilateral to bilateral. The multilateral instruments, in turn, have been subdivided by geographic scope into regional treaties and treaties concerning a specific river or lake basin. The bilateral treaties have been arranged in alphabetical order by pairs of states parties. It also includes interstate agreements, i.e., legal instruments concluded between member states of a federal country, which either deal exclusively with groundwater or reflect attention to it within their broader scope, and other legal instruments: two European Community directives and a proposal for a directive, as well as a selection of eleven non-binding instruments, including three by non-governmental organizations.


For additional reading, readers can see the book International Groundwater Law edited by Ludwik A. Teclaff and Albert E. Utton (London, Rome, New York: Oceana Publishers, Inc., 1981). The instruments included in that book have not been reproduced in this publication.

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