Everything You Need to Know about the UN WaterCourses Convention

In 1997, more than one hundred nations joined together to adopt the United nations Convention on the Law of the non-navigational uses of International Watercourses (Un Watercourses Convention)—a exible and overarching global legal framework that establishes basic standards and rules for cooperation between watercourse states on the use, management, and protection of international watercourses. the Convention counts today 16 contracting states—19 short of the number required for entry into force.

since the Convention’s adoption, water pollution and overuse have worsened in many places, and the world’s poorest people are already facing shrinking supplies. The scale of the freshwater challenge is enormous, especially with climate change making water availability more unpredictable and causing more frequent, widespread droughts and oods. securing the water we need to meet growing human needs, safeguard fragile ecosystems, and maintain economic prosperity is actually one of the most serious and urgent tasks confronting the world in the 21st Century.

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