• Why this Portal?

    Despite Afghanistan’s rich water resources, the sector remains severely under-studied and under invested. Lack of technical knowledge pertinent to this field remains to be a major challenge inhibiting Afghanistan’s sustainable development and management of its rivers, particularly aiming at its catalytic role in economic development. Reasons are many. Years of...Read more

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    The aim of the Afghanistan Waters Portal is to respond to the existing potential in knowledge production on Afghanistan’s transboundary waters and bridge the gap in information and exchange of learning. But it is only a beginning and far from complete. Afghanistan Waters Portal is an evolving medium, enriched by...Read more

  • Water Resources’ Significance

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    Afghanistan has five major river basins with an annual surface water flow of about 57 billion cubic meters. Afghanistan’s location as an upper riparian country makes it the source of water flowing into neighboring riparian countries of Iran, Turkmenistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.  An upper riparian country for the most...Read more

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