Atlas of International Freshwater Water Agreements

Utilizing historical documents, statistical analyses, and maps, the Atlas presents both a graphic and textual analysis and documentation of the world’s international basins and their agreements.

The Atlas consolidates information about shared waters treaties. This systematic and thorough compilation of the available historical record of the very many treaties and agreements concluded in regard to the water resources of rivers and lakes shared across international borders offers compelling testimony to water being an agent of cooperation rather than of conflict. Moreover, the thematic maps featured in the Atlas help understand why this is so, and add new perspective to that of the legal records which make up most of the Atlas.

It is both a reference book and an original instrument of analysis of water-related treaty-making, and thus can be of value not only to those who study the practice of states in this matter but also to those who fashion such practice and articulate the negotiating positions which eventually inform it.

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