Afghanistan Records 60% Drop In Water Levels

The Ministry of Energy and Water says Afghanistan is currently facing more than sixty percent of the water losses.

Officials from the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Rehabilitation on Monday were summoned to parliament over concerns regarding the drought.

The Ministry of Water and Energy said that with each passing day, Afghanistan’s water resources are decreasing.

“People are even digging wells of up to 250 meters but there is no water; water dams around Kabul should have been built but this has not been done,” said MP Mohammad Hashim Mahdawi.

“The aqueducts are drying up, and there is no drinking water and people are being forced to move to the cities,” said MP Khalilullah Shahidzad.

“The Ministry of Water and Energy is silent and is not paying attention to these issues that can create a disaster,” said another MP Nazifa Zaki.

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