12 Afghan dams a new threat to Pakistan

World moves on energy and the main source of it is water. In previous days what India had done to us is passed over, do we realise what Afghanistan is going to do with us now? Have we decided that after destroying our fields and villages, we all have to die with thirst. The first time we came to know in summer of 2010 that Afghanistan is not making one or two but the entire twelve dams at Kabul river and it has India’s full support. Not only the support, India actually convinced that the river would become a part of the aggression against Pakistan by creating dozens of dams on the river. India is not limited to technical support only, it is ready to invest. India has also developed Afghanistan’s feasibility report. Remember that before the announcement of the project, Afghanistan already had made few dams on Kabul based on American support. Now in this regard the World Bank is also ready to provide $8 billion for these dams to Afghanistan.

It is important to imagine the importance of the Kabul River for Pakistan. The river water is available nine months from February to October. 80 percent of the total agricultural cultivation of KP is irrigated from the same river. It is watering 60 percent of the land of Noshera, And, 85% fertile land of Charsadda is dependent on this river. Pakistan has made the Warsaw Dam over the river. Now, if Afghanistan builds twelve dams on this river and stores large quantities of water, then what kind of mess Pakistan will be facing.

It’s been years we know about Afgan dams. But in these years, this matter has never been discussed in our parliament. Unfortunately our leaders have rarely talked about how dramatic water crisis is going to get? Has any ministry prepared any report on it and has Parliament ever organised special session on that?

Allah has given a natural dam to Pakistan. This is the Kala Bagh Dam. Unfortunately when there is talk on this dam, some leaders begin jumping on the ground and say that this dam can only be built on their dead bodies. After India, Afghanistan too is making dams. But Pakistan is not doing much despite a crisis.

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