Concerns Mount Over Drop In Water Levels For Kabul

The General Directorate of Kabul River Basin said Friday that a drop of 47 percent in rainfall this year in the Kabul river basin area was extremely alarming and has resulted in major challenges. 

Officials said this year’s drought, especially in the Kabul region, was of major concern and a number of measures have been taken to help alleviate some of the problems.

Kabul residents are also concerned about the drop in the groundwater level and said government is unable to provide drinking water to some parts of the capital.

Officials confirmed the drop in groundwater levels in the capital and voiced their concerns.

“There are some inevitabilities in the water management of this system and we have prepared a plan for measures around the usage of water in order to use the water efficiently and decrease the risks brought on by the drought,” said Marouf Maser, the General Director of Kabul River Basin.

Kabul residents say that in the past month, the water level has dropped by three to five meters.

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